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Tip: The morse alphabet shows “/” for each space between words.

With our morse code translator you can create morse from any language using the english alphabet, including numbers.
Simply copy and paste, or write the text you want to translate to morse code in the first box, and the output will automaticly show up in the next box.

SOS ...---...

SOS is probably the mos famous morse sign.

The Morse code or Morse code is a system of codes designed to send and receive text by turning on and off a signal in pulses of short or long duration separated by spaces. (Dots and dashes, or short and long beeps).
With enough practice, people can send and receive morse code directly without the need for technical equipment or aids. The signal can be given with sound, light, touch, radio waves or any other signal that you can precisely control on and off.
Morse and the Morse code were developed by Samuel Morse in connection with the invention of the electric telegraph in 1838.
Interested in learning more about Morse? Check out Morse code on wikipedia here


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